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Let’s consider a real life scenario wherein while you are working on MS Word 2002, you make an attempt to edit a complex table. You are not able to edit the table and the Word document starts flickering or repaginating.

Apart from this, the following error message appears:

"A table in this document has become corrupted. To recover the contents of the table: select the table and choose Convert Table to Text from the Table menu."

The reason behind occurrence of the above-mentioned error message is either an earlier version of MS Word is used to create the table or MS Word table has become corrupt.

In order to repair the Word file, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

First and foremost, convert the document into some other format, and then reconvert it into MS-Word. Secondly, copy all the data except the last paragraph marked to a new MS-Word document and finally copy the portions that are undamaged to a new document.

However, if the issue is still not resolved and the problem persists, you can use a professional and efficient third party Word repair tool to repair the damaged and corrupt Word file.

A number of third party Word file recovery tools are available in the market. You must carefully choose the one that suits your requirements.

In case you feel a bit confused in your selection of the Word file recovery tool, we suggest you to download and work on the free trial version of the tool. Working on the free trial version would get you a fair idea about the features, functionality, and performance of the tool. Once you feel confident about the functioning of a tool, you can go ahead and purchase the complete version of the tool.

Kernel for Word is an efficient and professional Word file recovery tool that is specifically devised to repair the damaged and corrupt Word files. Moreover, this Word file recovery tool comes integrated with an easy-to-understand and self-explanatory graphical user interface that does not require any special expertise to work on it. This feature helps novice or non-technical users to easily work on it.

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